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PCB Denied Kamran And Malik Request To Play In Banagladesh

Former Pakistani captain and Wicket Kepper batsman, Shoaib Makil and Kamran Akmal has requested Pakistan Cricket board that they should be allowed to play in Bangladesh after they were not picked up for the New Zealand Tour. The request of both players has been rejected by PCB. Kamran Akmal and Shoaib Malik was not able to get PCB’c clearance to play in New Zealand series and now after both were not selected in team their request to play in Bangladesh is also rejected.
NOC requested by both players but PCB has denied to give them NOC and no reason has been announced. Kamran said that after eprforming good in domestic season he was offered to play by different teams but he was not provided by NOC by PCB.
Kamran Akmal had also communicated to ICC to clearify his status wheather he was under any investigations. He was repied by ICC that he is clear and there is no charges against him.
After latest video released by Pakistan;s media channel Kamran Admitted that Mazher Majeed was his agent but he was not involve in any king of fixin with him. Kamran was  also not selected in the Squad which was schedule to play against South Africa.
Shoib Malik was out of team due to his bad performance but his performance was good in domestic cricket and he is in good form. PCB has not opened ant reason behind both suspensions.

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