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Real Madrid players for Argentina in World Cup 2010

Garray, Gago, and Higuain Argentina Players In Real Madrid
Real Madrid players for Argentina. In the current Real Madrid squad there are three players: Garray, Gago, and Higuain. Garray won Olympic gold with Argentina in 2008. Gago played several World Cup qualification matches. But the one selected by Maradona for the final 23 man squad was Gonzalo Higuain who also got his debut under Maradona.
Higuain , Gago Argentina - Alonso , Silva , Ramos Spain
Real Madrid players for Argentina World Cup 2010

Competition upfront for Argentina is fierce however so the question is how many minutes Higuain will see. It depends to a certain extent upon the formation Maradona will lineup. Where will Messi be placed. Will there be 2 or 3 strikers upfront etc. Tevez has had a good season with Manchester City. Milito was decisive for Inter Milan. Messi is an automatic first choice. Kun Aguero helped Atletico win silverware for the first time since 1996 But Higuain also had a fine season and scored the most goals ever during his time in Real Madrid.
Higuain - Messi - Sergio Busquets + the ref
Real Madrid players for Argentina World Cup 2010

Higuain plays with the jersey number 9 and wears the shorts with a number 9 as well. He plays in football boots from adidas – the model is Predator. The legendary Argentinian player to wear the number 9 jersey was Alfredo di Stefano. In Spain he counts as one of the big 4: Di Stefano, Pele, Cruyff, Maradona.
Gonzalo Higuain in full uniform wearing the jersey number 9
Real Madrid players for Argentina World Cup 2010

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