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Luck keeps teasing Messi but how long!

We wish Messi to score, score against all odds, against the luck and surpass the greatness that Argentine coach Maradona has once achieved!
The last time when Maradona scored!
If luck would have been at his side, he could have scored as many goals that can make him the strongest contender of the golden boot at World Cup 2010 in South Africa but luck is teasing Lionel Messi more than it could have once made Diego Maradona to hang his boots in disgust. Maradona could be a sinner of 1994, a urine test found him positive of having drugs and that lead to a ban that shook whole of the Argentina and the likely contenders inUSA94. Argentina bowed down in the second round against Romania and that ended Argentina dreams to hold the trophy once and forever.
However after 16 years, four world cups, Argentina is smelling progress to the podium with the trophy. Thanks to two Argentine great men, Maradona himself and his successor in all terms of the footballing greatness Messi on which Argentinean hopes rests and so far in three group matches he has bisected every defence with his sublime and creative football.
Defender's Nightmare - Messi
The mood across the globe may not have been the same towards the prospect of Argentina winning the World Cup 2010 but no one can deny the simple fact that all are wishing Messi on the ball, a perfect treat to watch for everyone who follows football as a passion, as an obsession that fills emotion with vibrant colors. From the first match against Nigeria, Messi has been the protagonist, the creator for Argentine goal scoring and the destructor of the opposition defence. In three matches Argentina scored 7 goals and more than half of them coming through Messi’s cross, passes and deflection of his shots from the stoppers which has been exploited by Gonzalo Higuain and party.
Messi has orchestrated the Argentine forward line in way that the others gets supply to the scoring opportunities, feeding them to score and he himself on many occasions went close as much as a difference of a hair width to book his name on the score sheet. But, the Barcelona wizard has been unlucky in all three games, if Nigerian goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama hasn’t had the best days of his life, Messi could have scored twice. The same happened against South Korea, when Messi found himself surrounded by six defenders leaving him no scope of scoring but he produced some astonishing football to test the grits of South Koreans which broken by Higuain with a treble, all coming from the FIFA Player of the year.
Fans want Messi to score against the Luck
The discussion over Messi’s luck on scoring goes tense after the match against Greece where Argentina blown them apart in the second half with Martin Demichelis and Martin Palermo’s goals but Messi once again denied a goal on three occasions and prominently one that beaten everyone but hit the wood-work. With Argentina riding on the winning waves, no one is concerned about Messi’s scoring but one thing without Messi the seven goals which Argentina scored would not have been possible.
Yet we wish Messi to score, score against all odds, against the luck and surpass the greatness that Argentine coach Maradona has achieved in his infamous career!

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