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Yusuf Pathan India Cricketer performance

Yusuf Pathan India Cricketer performance , Yusuf Pathan who has set up a great game yesterday at the stage of Bangalore against New Zealand said he believed that India would not be free and was more confident about the whole thing.
Yusuf said he knew that India would make it through the fourth ODI with colors too victorious.
Yesterday evening its first ODI century became a turning point in his career because he is the drummer who would be an essential part of the World Cup series next year.
Yusuf shot 123 covers only 96 balls, when he reached the height of India was sitting on a score of 108 to 30.3 over and four wickets.
Yusuf felt glad he got the chance yesterday that gave him ample time and opportunity to make the most of leftovers.
Yusuf informed that he had the opportunity to play as well since many reports have been left to India and he could play with a consistent, long sleeve.
During the match the rain stopped an hour the whole game and it was during that case that Gautam Gambhir Yusuf advised to use the power play and go stable and save counter.
At the end of the game Yusuf Pathan and Saurabh Tiwari managed to score which was 316 runs with Pathan still not released even after he made his century, winning 123.
Yusuf still wants to stick with the same batting position he holds in the cricket team as he realizes that there are many fine cricketers play in the team and playing in the order down, it feels much more confident as it can help the team win in difficult times.

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