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Fernando Torres request for a transfer

Fernando Torres

Liverpool striker, Fernando Torres, has submitted a transfer request to his club after the Reds rejected a bid from Chelsea. Chelsea had offered 35-million-pounds to acquire the striker from Liverpool which turned down the offer. Torres’ request to be transferred will create a significant mess for the team. Liverpool did not consider Torres’ transfer request and reiterated that they have no intentions to allow him to leave.
The request was tabled by Torres just a few hours after the Uruguay International, Luis Suarez, landed at Anfield from Ajax. In an official statement from the clubs website, it says, “Torres gave a written request to let him go and that has been rejected by the FC Liverpool. He is with the club in a long-term deal and Liverpool expects him to respect the commitment he made with the Liverpool fans when he joined in.”
The 26-years-old Spaniard is looking for an exit from Liverpool after their terrible run at Anfield. He asked the fans for their support to help him in getting Liverpool into the top of the Premier League points table by uniting the team and scoring points through goals. It seems that the recent transfer request by Torres will create problems with the fans, possibly ruining his image.  Many fans feel that Torres is disloyal by abandoning them at a crucial stage in the teams’ development, only focusing on the financial gains that will be achieved.
He asserted that Liverpool needed to win matches to improve their standings which seemed to be a challenge after Rafael Benitez’s transfer. Rafael Benitez had a successful spell with the Reds which is difficult to imitate. He stated that Liverpool is in his head and he need to make sure that the team saves the current 2010-11 season.  It will be difficult for Torres to play with any type of competitive spirit for Liverpool, after his intentions to leave the team are now out in the public.
Stamford Bridge might want to increase the price they have offered for Torres, who is bound until his contract expires in 2013. But according to some, Chelsea might also renew the offer to 40-million pounds during the summer transfer window, as it tries to lure Torres from Liverpool. The current transfer window is set to close on Monday and Liverpool will have to be confident over the potential or imminent exit of the striker. Reportedly, Liverpool is looking for a substantial increase in the offer for the Spaniard, whom they bought for just 20-million-pounds from Atletico Madrid in 2007.
Fernando Torres has not ruled out his exit from Anfield this summer but a sensational or controversial transfer might be carried out. The summer transfer is more than likely because, Fernando Torres has a 50-million-pounds exit clause in his contract. Liverpool is unlikely to qualify for the Champions League next season as they are currently standing at the seventh spot on the premier league chart.
The Spaniard is having some serious concerns over the ambitions of the current owners of the team. Although he is not happy with the slow activity in the current transfer market, the team is not performing and seems far away from being competitive. The former Scottish footballer Kenny Dalglish is temporarily in-charge of Liverpool has managed to win two games consecutively but the Reds are having a very disappointing season so far.
The fact that Chelsea offered 160,000 pounds a week to the Spaniard, might have triggered him to leave the club, making 50,000 more than what he is currently getting.

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