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Liverpool reject Chelsea offer for Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres request for a transfer

Liverpool rejected Chelsea’s latest 35-million-pound offer for Fernando Torres. Chelsea have recently been showing their interest to acquire the Spanish International Torres, but Liverpool is still standing in their way.
It is rumoured that Torres has decided to leave Liverpool by the end of this Barclays Premier League 2010 season. On Friday, it was Torres who submitted a written transfer request to Liverpool, but the club has refused to accept the request. The player’s agent has also intimated Liverpool to consider the offers coming from the defending champions of the English Premier League.
The recent statement coming from Liverpool states that, "The player is not for sale.” This is a difficult situation Liverpool as they are the ones who ultimately have to decide Torres fate.
The 26-year-old striker is in the main headlines recently and is rumoured that Fernando Torres may join Chelsea in the near future. Now, it has been confirmed by the Liverpool club sources that the 35-million-pound offer put up by the Blues has been rejected. It looks as if Liverpool is in no hurry to sell its talented striker and may be waiting for an improved offer from the Blues.
Chelsea will not stop in their efforts and continue to show their interest for the striker in the future. It is more than likely that Chelsea will come up with an improved offer in the next 24-hours that will reach to a massive amount of 40 million pounds.
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, a huge admirer of Torres, would love to include him in the team before the transfer window closes on Monday. Chelsea still have time left for an improved offer for Torres, as the transfer window will close on 31 Monday, 2011 at 11 pm. If acquired, Torres will add a tremendous amount of talent to the team and Chelsea’s boss Carlo Ancelotti will utilise him for the team’s future plans.
Ancelotti is desperate to hire the services of Torres, as statistics prove that he can score goals at will and his scoring average is far better than the current Chelsea strikers Drogba and Anelka. Torres scores a goal after every 120th minute, while Drogba’s average time of goal scoring is 151 minutes and Anelka every 215-minutes. Torres is a big match player for Liverpool, scoring 10 goals in 15 appearances against teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.
Liverpool is struggling this season and is unwilling to lose a player of his calibre at this time.  Currently, the Reds are sitting on the 7th spot and are keen to improve their position in the league table.  Without Torres it will be a difficult task to achieve.
Liverpool is looking to make their attacking line more powerful as they try to acquire Ajax’s Luis Suarez. His inclusion will help Torres better co-ordinate in the forward lines.
Torres' performance has taken a boost, scoring three times, after their old boss Roy Hodgson was replaced with Kenny Dalgish.

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