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Saturday Supershow preview - Miz & Punk vs. Cena & Orton, U.S. Title match, list of Raw & Smackown wrestlers, Report Wanted

WWE's Raw and Smackdown brands will be in Springfield, Mass. on Saturday night prior to the Royal Rumble PPV on Sunday in Boston.

The pre-PPV Supershow is headlined by WWE champion The Miz & C.M. Punk vs. John Cena & Randy Orton in a Raw tag match.

The top match advertised from the Smackdown brand is Big Show vs. Corre "leader" Wade Barrett.

Also advertised from the Raw brand is U.S. champion Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase in a re-match from their recent series of matches. Additional wrestlers advertised include:

-- Raw brand: WWE tag champions Santino & Kozlov, R-Truth, and Maryse.

-- Smackdown brand: The Corre members, #1 contender Dolph Ziggler, IC champion Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Lay-Cool, and Kelly Kelly.

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