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Cannot Wait To See Pakistan In Action. Pakistan will win icc 2011 world cup

pakistan in icc 2011
"Only Pakistan Has Ability To Win ICCWORLD CUP 2011".
I am desperate to see Pakistan in action in World Cup 2001. Pakistan is the most exciting team in the tournament and my favorite to win the World Cup apart from India. Sehwag gave ultimate entertainment in the first game, but the excitement of watching two Akmal brothers, Shahid Afridi or Abdul Razzak in full flight is quite different. The two Akmal brothers are clean hitters of the ball. Particularly the elder Akmal can hit the ball to any distance when required the most. He has finished some close games for Pakistan. The younger Ukmal is the more talented batsman than the elder and in fact he is most talented batsman in the World at this time. The problem with Umar Akmal is he does not seem to realize his own potential. He does not seem to have an stable mind in his head. If Umar Akmal comes good, I do not see any reason why Pakistan cannot go all the way. I firmly believe that India and Pakistan are the two best teams in the tournament at this time. I would not rule out a final between India and Pakistan if they do not meet in Quarter Finals and Semi Finals. Currently the cricketers who excites me the most while batting are the Akmal brothers, Afridi, Razzak, Sehwag, Yuvraj, and Christ Gayle. In the past I used to like watching Brian Lara, Adam Gilchrist, Imran Nazir, Saeed Anwar, and Azharuddin the most.
Many people, including the pundits have chosen India, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, and England as favorites in that order labeling Pakistan as the dark horse. I think Pakistan is the favorite team to win the World Cup. In my opinion, Sri Lanka is not the favorite team to win the World Cup. It was Jaysurya who gave the Sri Lankan team x-factor with Muralitharan and De Silva being very close to Jaysurya in terms of value to the team. They will make it to the quarter final and semi final, but they will not go beyond that. Only one of the three teams India, South Africa, and Pakistan will win this World Cup with Pakistan and South Africa having an edge over India just because of reduced expectations. The hype and high expectation on the Indian team make them a lesser favorites than Pakistan and South Africa. Otherwise any one team from India, Pakistan, and South Africa should be able to win this cup with Pakistan being my top favorites.

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