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Chicharito Hernandez and His Goal for 2011

Chicharito Hernandez 2011
Chicharito entered the field in with only four minutes left of play, just after the Birmingham City scored the tying goal against Manchester United (1-1). Javier Hernandez had a discreet farewell to 2010, the year in which the world football met a charismatic guy with nickname of child, but the soul of a ruthless killer inside the penalty area.
Chicharito has fulfilled almost all his goals: He won the scoring title in Mexico, played in the World Cup, scored two goals (against France and Argentina), and was hired by one of the biggest clubs in the world, Manchester united. But one goal that eluded him this 2010 was to become a permanent starter for Man U.
Dimitar Berbatov is the man who stops him from achieving this goal. The arrival of Chicharito to the Red Devils has pushed the Bulgarian into bringing out the qualities Sir Alex Ferguson fell in love with a little more than two years ago, when he came from Tottenham Hotspur.
With Berbatov's goal against Birmingham, the Bulgarian hit 14 goals in the current Premier League season, a figure that places him at the head of the leading goal scorer race. His mark in British football is 15, in the 2007-2008 season with the Spurs. All indications are that he will shatter his previous record.
Hernandez is barely four in, although the difference in minutes played is gigantic. Berbatov adds 2,223 minutes in the current Premiership campaign, while Chicharito only has 602.
If one takes into account all the tournaments in which ManU participated in the second half of 2010 (Super English League Cup, Champions League competition and FA Cup), the Bulgarian is the red team's leading scorer with 15 goals but the Mexican ranks second, thanks his seven goals, besides being the only player in the team to have at least one in every tournament.
Berbatov has not scored in the League Cup and the Champions League.
Both stars compete to be the companion of Wayne Rooney in the forward line. The English star is set in stone for Ferguson, despite only having scored a few goals (two from the penalty spot). Michael Owen, Federico Macheda and Baby look relegated to a lower level. In the case of Owen, he has not played since Oct. 2, due to a hamstring injury.
The legendary Man U manager has expressed the confidence that has for Chicharito Hernandez, but at this point is not enough to overtake Berbatov, which Javier seek to overcome in 2011.

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