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REAL MADRID player CRISTIANO RONALDO will play his 50th game with the Club in the Spanish League tonight against Osasuna. Apart from the congratulations the Portuguese is racing onwards towards record breaking numbers. Cristiano Ronaldo has 49 goals from 49 games ( some sources put 48 goals because a goal that hit Pepe on the back is doubtful) that calculates into a 100% average that not even legends like Di Stefano, Puskas, Pahiño, Hugo Sanchez, Ronaldo, nor Van Nistelrooy have managed with 50 games. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid : Ap

The player is currently the leading goal scorer of the Spanish League with 22 goals & with just 21 Rounds of La Liga being celebrated. His objective is to break the Spanish Football goal scoring Record of 38 goals in one season currently held by Spanish Soccer legend Zarra & ex Real Madrid number nine Hugo Sanchez.

If we were to include ALL COMPETITIONS ( Champions, Spanish Cup...), Cristiano Ronaldo has played 66 games & scored 66 goals, that is , an incredible percentage of 100!.

Will he score tonight against Osasuna? The statistics favour the player.

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