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Fernando Torres
According to the LIVERPOOL FC Web news the English Club has agreed to the CHELSEA FC transfer price & offer of 58M€ for Spanish International Football player FERNANDO TORRES. This makes Fernando Torres the highest ever transfered player in monetary terms in the history for a Spanish born Football player & between two English Clubs. Overall, Fernando Torres is now the 6th highest ever transfer in Football History:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd - Real Madrid) = 94M€
2. Zinedine Zidane (Juventus - Real Madrid ) = 73M€
3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic ( Inter M - FC Barcelona ) = 66M€
4. Kaka (AC Milan - Real Madrid) = 65M€
5. Luis Figo (FC Barcelona - Real Madrid) = 60M€
6. Fernando Torres (Liverpool - Chelsea ) = 58 M€

Fernando Torres is currently undergoing the obligatory medical exams which he should pass & receive the OK before signing with "the Blues" in coming hours.

Liverpool has used 40M€ from their soon to recieve 58M€ from Chelsea FC to sign Newcastle forward Andrew Carroll & thus join their other new signing Luis Suarez to form their "new look" future attacking line-up.

Fernando Torres Chelsea FC
Fernando Torres

The Liverpool fans have not taken too well the news of the Fernando Torres transfer & have gone out to the streets to burn the Number Nine shirt of the player. An act that is more emotional than anything else because Torres was a real idiol for many Liverpool FC fans & for the young lads. The Spaniard scored 72 goals during his 150 matches with "the Reds" & one would expect that when the emotions subside that some "common sense" will prevail. The replacements for Torres - Suarez & Carroll - are top class.

Fernando Torres
Liverpool fans burn Torres shirts

Some may ask if Torres is worth 58M€? Was Cristiano Ronaldo worth 94M€? Think about the external marketing - merchandising - TV rights...etc. Fernando Torres is a "semi-God" for fans in China, Japan, Indonesia, Sth Korea, Thailand, USA, Australia.... big markets to open up for Chelsea FC. I think they will get back their investment in a few years.

To finish off, no doubt more news & details of the Fernando Torres operation will be coming out in the next hours from all sorts of web sources that will keep you updated if you desire to learn more about the move.

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