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Top ten best wrestlers all the time in the world

The top ten seems to be a growing trend on the net, so I might as well do my own top ten. Below I have listed the top ten best wrestlers of all time in my opinion.

#10 Owen Hart

#10 Owen Hart
Wrestling in the shadow of his brother Bret Hart made it difficult to stand out from the crowd, afterall its hard to make a name for yourself being the little brother of one of the all time greats. Owen did somehow find his way to stand out as one of the best technical wrestlers of all time. Sadly Owen Hart died before we got to see him reach his full potential
Owen has been and forever wll be missed by us die hard fans!

#9 Triple H

Top ten wrestlers tripple h
Ok so I may catch a little heat for this one, because many people feel that Triple H wouldn't be where he is if wasn't married to the boss's daughter. What many fail to realize is that Triple H is all business, and his success is due more to the degeneration x days which was before he married into the family. There is no denying the ability of Triple H
Triple H has the ability to make you absoultly despise him when working as a heel, and he can turn that around overnight and make fans love him as a face. This is called talent.

#8 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle with TNA heavy weight championship

Kurt angle is not only an awesome in-ring performer, but he is the perfect example of what a heel should be. There is no telling how many tickets and pay-per-views that have been purchased just from fans who want te see Kurt Angle get a beating. That's his job and he does it well.
Kurt and the "main event mafia" has recently started to focus on helping out the young wrestlers within tna. Expect to see him and the rest of mem starting to put over these younger guys, and bring them up to the main event level.

#7 The Undertaker

"The Undertaker  main event wrestler after 17 years with wwe"
The Undertaker started his career as"mean Mark" in WCW, and he was getting no where. The undertaker left WCW almost 16 years ago and has had one of the most outstanding careers of any wrestler past or present.
The gimmick of The Undertaker was one of Vince McMahon's few good ideas for gimmicks, but only the undertaker could have filled that role.
Expect Taker to lose his winning streak at this years wrestlemania. The idea at this time is to have him lose to a up and comer to help bring them into the main event level.

#6 Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan as leader of NWO

Yes I know most people would be quick to put the hulkster at number one. As much as I respect Hogan, I just don't feel like he is the best wrestler. Hogan received push after push and seemed to always have the championship, even though he had limited wrestling skills at best.
I put hogan at #6 because of the publicity he gave wrestling and so many fans were pulled in by hogan. He did OK as a heel for NWO but even then, he need a mouth piece. In my opinion Hulk along with a few others was the demise of wcw. Instead of putting the younger guys over he had to be pampered by wcw and stay in the top spot.

#5 Stone Cold Steve Austin

wwe Stone Cold austin
Now here is the man that put wrestling on the map in my opinion. Though his wrestling skills were limited he was one of the best mouth pieces to ever be on televised wrestling.
Stonecold is still working towards a actor career, and is scheduled to be at wrestlemaina 25 which is just around the corner. The though is that he will be doing a final match as a way of saying goodbye to the fans. I have even heard rumors of StoneCold vs. The Rock we can only hope!

#4 The Rock

The rock during his wrestling career

The best mouth peice in wrestling history, wether he was a heel or a face he always got the crowd going. The rock was very athletic in the ring as well.
Together with Steve Austin he helped make wrestling as popular as it is today.

#3 Bret Hart

Bret Hart as wcw world champion
The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. From what I have read about Bret Hart that just wasn't a wrestling gimmick, he really believes that.
Well this is my opion bret and your third!

#2 Ric Flair

Ric flair as wcw heavyweight champion

Whhhoooo! There is no denying what this one man has done for the sports entertainment world. This is a man so passionate about the wrestling business that he was still wrestling in his sixties.

Ric has held more world titles than any other wrestler to date, and has made more wrestlers household names just because they were in the ring together.
Thank you ric!

Shawn Michaels with the wwe championship
HBK Shawn Michaels
Even Ric Flair said so, Shawn Michaels is the best! Shawn has done it all, winning ever major championshp in the wwe before being forced to retire early due to a severe back injury. Shawn made his comeback 5 years later, and yet again captured another title. The world heavyweight championship brought over with WCW.
Shawn has made many wrestlers careers, and has headlined wrestlemania more times than hulk hogan.

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