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Afraid India started using media to scare Pakistan in semi final against pakistan

indian media blaming pakistan cricket team in semi final 2011

Afraid India started using its media to scare Pakistan cricket team with black tricks. On the time when just two days is remaining in the great match. Indian media has reported that the Indo-Pak semi-final, scheduled to play on Wednesday, March 30, has been fixed.
Wishru Mandu Gupta, An Indian income tax officer, while talking to CNEB TV on phone call, said that the Semi final match between Pakistan and India has been fixed and the result of the big match has been sold in billions of Rupees. During the interview Gupta loudly said that India will loose this fixed match. The Anchor asked him twice and he said more loudly that Pakistan will win this semi final and a pitch in favor of Pakistan has been set up. Gupta relieved that a bookie from New Delhi, Sandeep Agarwal, was present in the dressing during the India’s game with Netherlands.
This is not confirmed that Gupta’s claim is true or not but most of Pakistanis and the cricket lovers of other nations feels that India is actually afraid from the recent great performance of Pakistan cricket team. It is a fact that Pakistan have not won from India in the World Cup record, but after getting victory over defending champions Australia, every player of Afridi-XI is ready to defeat India on their home ground. This thing is worrying blue shirts.
Indian media knows that this time green shirts will defeat their side; these sorts of reports to pressurize Pakistani team. The purpose of this TV interview might also be to urge the cricket fans to not give credit to greenshirts the case of their victory because the match was already fixed.
Regardless of this that what is the purpose of this report, but it will spoil the taste of the great game of cricket. Cricket is a game of love and unity, cricket has brings the hearts of the nations near to each other. The team which will work hard, should win either it will be Pakistan, India, or any other country. When two teams came in the ground, one wins but one had to face defeat. These types of things will not defeat a team; these will defeat the entire beautiful game of cricket. Teams win and lost, but cricket should not lose…

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