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India can't beat pakistan in semi final of world cup 2011

India is happy on his victory
 Pakistan will beat india in his home gound in semi final of world cup 2011

India after smashing the Aussies in the Quarter Final of the World Cup 2011 now going to face the Pakistan team in the Semi Final in Mohali.Now the Question is - Can India repeat the History after 1983 .Is it Possible for Sachin Tendulkar to lift the World Cup during his career,well the answer may come soon but yes there are some points we can Highlights which deflects the positive points of the Indian team .
# Sachin Tendulkar is in best form in his career
# YuvraJ singh showing a fantastic all rounder performance,already won 4 consecutive Man of the Match in this World Cup 2011.
# Zaheer Khan is in his peek bowling form.
# Suresh Raina and Aswin got their form back in style.
#Indian Middle order batsmen - Gautam Gambhir,Virat Kohli batting very nicely.
# Sehwag and Dhoni is desperate to show their talent .
It is true that india is in his good form and he is hopefull to defeat pakistan but he is very mad because he cannot beat pakistan.... Pakistani captain shahid afridi will beat harbhajan and rawalpindi express will beat tendulker....
India is jackle country against pakistani tigers.

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