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India is Afraid from pakistan in second semi final in Mohali

India vs Pakistan 2011 semi final mohali
Indian captain MS Dhoni (corrupt) said that Indian people say that you should only win the semi final from does not matter that you lost the final match.indian nation is afraid of Pakistani team and are exerting pressure on indian team that they must win the semi final which going to be held in mohali on 30th of march.
The clash in the semi-final would be the mother of all matches, "said  Ravi Shastri.
So ravi sheep is also afraid froam pakistani tigers.
this is record that in past all the matches which Pakistan played in mohali they always won those matches. indian team is really short tempered and coward team whenever they get wicket they abuse the opponent team player this show their short and bad temperament .as for as the Pakistani team is concerned Pakistani players are not only cool tempered but also well mannered and civilized .India is coward and jackal they know they cannot defeat the Pakistani tigers so they are afraid from Pakistan in second semi final on 30 march.
conclusion is that India is not playing against Pakistani team but it will play against the prayer of the 17 crore Pakistani Muslims and i am sure they will not win against Pakistan.
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