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India vs Pakistan semifinal is the best match of cricket world cup 2011

India vs Pakistan semifinal 2011
Any India vs Pakistan cricket match is as important as world cup semifinal/final. Such is the attention it draws. When it is a world cup semifinal, the tension is even more, in fact huge. Every ball counts, every run is cheered. So to makes things furthermore interesting, SuperGoodMovies has come up with a contest.

Guess who wins this semifinal and cruise to the finals. Also you can predict individual scores of all the Indian and Pakistani batsmen. When our players are fighting it out in the Mohali field, you keep playing the guessing game in our website.

Whoever predicts exact scores or at least come close to those would be given handsome gifts. Now start predicting. Who wins this game? Who would be the top scorer? If India bats first what would be the score? If Pak bats first what target will they set?

Will Tendulkat score his 100th international century in this match? If not how much will he score? What would Sehwag, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Raina and others score? How many wickets will Zaheer, Harbhajan, Ashwin and others take? Same applies to Pakistan batsmen and bowlers too!

So start your guessing game now. If Ind vs Pak is mother of all matches, this is the Baap of all contests!

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