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Shakira did not enjoy the Copa del Rey final, consoles Pique

shakira and pique. Chances of Pique bleeding on her shoulder: 100 percent.

Because Gerard Pique and Shakira are the new Prince William and Kate Middleton, several cameras were diverted from the riveting action on the pitch during Real Madrid's 1-0 Copa del Rey final win to focus on the Barcelona defender's pop star girlfriend.
Unlike a great many WAGs who attend their significant other's matches, Shakira was actually emotionally invested in the game to the point where she looked like she was in severe physical pain throughout. Perhaps it was a little too much emotional investment. She winced, she ran her hands through her hair, she yelled, she ran her hands through her hair, she gasped and she ran her hands through her hair. It was like she was having a baby, except instead of looking like Pique, it came out with gelled hair and the self-confidence of a Will Ferrell character. And after all that, she had to give Pique a hug and tell him everything would be OK. Meanwhile, she was probably thinking back to this...

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