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Style of play of great footballer Luis Nani striker of portugal

Luis Nani's got the potential to do what he wants,He's one of the sharpest players around.
Luis nani charpest football player
In the early stages of his career at Manchester United, Nani often invited comparison in playing style and ability with club and international colleague Cristiano Ronaldo, for whom he often deputised at club level.
In Ronaldo's absence, however, Nani's style has developed into a more classical winger's style, able to play on both wings though more comfortable on the right, utilising pace, ball control and trickery to create space. While capable of cutting off both wings to strike at goal from distance, Nani has substantially fewer goals, yet a substantially higher proportion of assists than his colleague.
                 "Nani's got the potential to do what he wants. 
                      He's one of the sharpest players around, 
                            has a great strike with both feet -
                    he's got the potential to be a top, top player."

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