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Chelsea Football Club 10 times as expensive as FC Copenhagen

Chelsea Football Club 10 times as expensive as FC Copenhagen
Chelsea is 10 times as expensive as FC Copenhagen, said the Danish newspaper MetroXpress on Friday, as the European Championship game between Chelsea and FC Copenhagen will be held at Copenhagen next Tuesday.
Two billion Danish kroner (about 366 million US dollar) is a lot of money. However, it is just enough for the 11 players from Chelsea, 10 times more than their opponent FC Copenhagen, said the report.
Though it is theoretically a hopeless task for FC Copenhagen, their performance in this year's tournament have showed that they could play against the top team worldwide at their home court.
"It is great for Danish football that we can have a team goes so far. And FC Copenhagen proved that they could play against Barcelona last year. Now they can do it again against Chelsea," said Peter Schmeichel, former national team goalkeeper to MetroXpress.
"It is wonderful that the coach have the players stick together. They fight for each other," he added.
"They are motivated and have a belief in themselves. There has been such a very special atmosphere and spirit when they come to the stadiums this season, Mentally, they are very strong and powerful," said reporter Luna Christofi.
"Although Chelsea is not in shape recently, it would surprise me if FC Copenhagen could win. But it will be a close fight," TV reporter Preben Elkjaer said.

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