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Javier Hernandez Will next Messi.

Hernandez Will be the next Messi.

There are a couple of good topics this week in the rise of Javier Hernandez at Manchester United and also Liverpool since King Kenny Dalglish has taken over.
In the first case Hernandez has been the stand out signing of the Premier League this season. Most of that praise was given to Rafael Van der Vaart of Tottenham at the start of the season, as the season has gone on Hernandez has taken this title.
Manchester United have all but confirmed the Premier League crown by beating Chelsea in the weekend with Hernandez playing another starring role.
His pace and touch have even caused ex-players such as Pele to come out and say he could be the next Messi. This would seem to fit well for Pele as he knows it would stir his biggest rival in Maradona to a point where we may see a comment in retaliation anytime.
Pele also had a little jibe at Messi saying "the Messi we see playing for Barcelona is very different to the Messi we see for Argentina" and that he needs to prove himself for country before he gets the title of greatness.
Pele probably has a point as the very best are judged on what they have done for club and country, this will be true in the case of both Messi and Hernandez though Messi still stands out globally for me. The best thing is we get to see them battle it out for the Champions League on the 28th May, one player will come out a hero and Hernandez could go a long way to backing up Pele's claims if it is him.
On the Liverpool front I am baffled to know why Kenny Dalglish hasn't been signed up as the permanent manager yet.
The results have turned around so quickly and the football has been entertaining to watch, goals are flowing and there have been multiple goal scorers.
Surely the Liverpool board have given Dalglish the vote of confidence and it is only him that is holding back at the moment. If he walked away now it would be the perfect exit to maintain his legend status at the club. I don't know if he can do much better next season with the players he has over the clubs that have endless funds.
It has been a frustrating last couple of seasons for the reds fans, the only answer is to sign King Kenny and start putting the puzzle together for next season. If not I fear Liverpool will be right back where they began this season watching the likes of Hernandez at Manchester United tear the league to shreds.
It might just be Hernandez' year next season, that's enough to put the fear into any manager that takes the reigns at Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal. I can't see a player available that any of these clubs could sign to seriously threaten Hernandez position at the top next season.
What do you think? Could Hernandez be as great as Messi? Should Dalglish be retained by Liverpool? Comment below.

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