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Most Popular Real Madrid Players Profiles On Facebook

Most Popular Real Madrid Players Profiles On Facebook
Real Madrid general Facebook information:
According to the website All Facebook the most popular athletes on Facebook when measuring number of fans to their fanpage are:

Cristiano Ronaldo 14,356,680: Click to go to Cristiano’s Facebook page
Lionel Messi 5,525,218: Click to go to Messi’s Facebook page!
David Beckham 5,487,932: Click to check out David Beckham’s Facebook fan page!
Second most popular current Real Madrid player is Ricardo Kaka in 12th spot with 2,851,000 fans.
Number 35 on the list is Mesut Özil with 955,312 fans.
Number 75 is Gonzalo Higuain with 425,978 fans.
and finally there is Iker Casillas with 283,159 fans.
So in total there are 5 Real Madrid players among the 100 athletes in the world with the most fans.
Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be the by far most popular athlete in the world. And Özil a rising star. Before the World Cup 2010 probably not many outside of Germany had ever heard about him. . .
Xabi Alonso comes in at place number 200 with 143,883 fans as the second most popular Spaniard in the current Real Madrid squad.
For some reason Pipita Higuain is also on the list at number 143 with 203,468 fans.
The same happens to other players further down the list. Probably there is a fan page of the player himself and then there are other pages by fans so there are fans of fans of a player in that latter case.

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