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Real Madrid Player Iker Casillas Profile

  Iker Casillas Jersey#1, shorts , gloves & boots
Iker Casillas is one of the world’s best goal keepers. He has made his way from the Real Madrid cantera – the youth department – and onto the club’s first team. He is also the goalie of choice for the national team.
Iker Casillas is very fast on the line with some incredible reflexes.
Iker Casillas full attention
Real Madrid Player Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas is sponsored by Reebok thus his gloves (the most important tool for a goalie) + boots are both by Reebok. Most likely his shin guards are also by Reebok to make the collection complete. In the following photo both gloves and boots are visible. Iker is taping his socks at the bottom and at the top in order to keep both socks and guards in place during the match.
The jersey is a Champions League jersey therefore there is the small Spanish flag to the right of the chest and a Champions League star ball on the right arm sleeve. On the left arm sleeve there is special UEFA honorary badge for clubs which have won at least 4 Champions League titles in total or 3 Champions League titles in a row are allowed to wear. The badge has the total number or titles written which in the case of Real Madrid is 9 before the season 2009/10.
Iker Casillas front
Real Madrid Player Iker Casillas

The Real Madrid goalie kit is from adidas. Adidas is the athletic apparel sponsor of Real Madrid Club de Futbol. Thus goalie jersey | goalie shorts | goalie socks are all from adidas. The official name and number kit is designed and produced by a British company called Sporting ID. On the backside of the jersey it is written CASILLAS and being the goal keepper he wears the jersey number one.
Casillas 1 jersey
Real Madrid Player Iker Casillas

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