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Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso profile

Xabi Alonso jersey , shorts and boots
Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso joined the club from Liverpool before the start of the 2009/10 campaign.
Xabi Alonso is originally from San Sebastian and Real Sociedad. He is also a Spanish international playing regularly for the Spanish national team.
For Real Madrid Xabi Alonso wears the number 22 jersey while for the Spanish national Xabi wears the jersey number 14.
Spain national team jersey Xabi Alonso 14
Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso

The name written on the jersey is ALONSO. But in order to distinguish ALONSO from other Spaniards with the same name often Xabi Alonso is referred to as XABI which is a much less common name.
For Real Madrid the jersey number 14 is worn by a Real Madrid legend GUTI. Thus the number 14 jersey will only become available the moment Guti leaves the club. So therefore Xabi Alonso would have to settle for the number 22 jersey instead.
Xabi Alonso with the jersey number 22 + Garay jersey 19
Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso is sponsored by adidas. Meaning that adidas provides Xabi Alonso with the footwear he uses on the pitch. Of course Xabi is compensated for endorsing the adidas boots week after week.
The model is currently wearing is the adipure boot also used by e.g. Kaka’ and Granero.
Xabi Alonso wearing the adipure cleats
Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso

Xabi wears his jersey on the outside of the shorts. In the above photo it is possible to see that there is a 22 on the left leg of the shorts. It also looks like the guards to protect the shins are kept in place by the use of tape. It looks like the shinguards are placed fairly high up and thus do not cover the lower part of the shin.

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