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Real Madrid players for Brazil in Fifa World Cup 2010

Kaka No.10 Best Player Of Real Madrid
A number of Brazilian players have worn the white Real Madrid jersey over the years.
In the current Real Madrid squad the number of Brazilians is limited to two though.

Former and current Brazilian players in Real Madrid
Real Madrid players for Brazil World Cup 2010

Kaka and Marcelo. Only Kaka got the ticket for South Africa. Marcelo is on stand-by in case of injuries.

Ricardo Kaka plays with number 8 for Real Madrid. In the Brazilian national team Kaka’ has played with number 7 , number 8, and now number 10. Former greats to wear the number 10 for Brazil include Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.
Kaka wearing the number 10 jersey for Brazil World Cup 2010
Kaka Best Real Madrid player for Brazil World Cup 2010

Kaka won the Confederations Cup with Brazil 2009 playing with more or less the same players as at the World Cup 2010. In Dunga’s design Kaka is the offensive midfielder trying to set up especially Luis Fabiano or if the chance occurs to try to strike it on his own.
While Kaka has endured some criticism for his performance with A Selecao he did play a good match against Ivory Coast and was behind Brazil’s first goal.
Brazil home jersey name and number KAKA 10
Kaka Shirt

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