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Real Madrid squad List for the season 2010/11

REAL MADRID Players List Played In 2010/2011

Real Madrid squad for the season 2010/11
Every year a number of players enter the club and a number of players leave the club. The total number of players in the first team squad remains fixed though at 24.
After the season 2009/10 the following players left Real Madrid: v. Nistelrooy 17. Metzelder 21. Raul 7. Guti Haz 14.
So far these players have been replaced by: Sergio Canales, Di Maria, Pedro Leon, Carvalho, and Sammi Khedira + Özil.
Most likely a couple of players will leave the club before the 31st of August so the total number of players in the first team squad will be 24.
The distribution of squad numbers for the Real Madrid team 2010/11 looks like this:
1. Casillas (GK)
2. Carvalho
3. Pepe
4. Sergio Ramos
5. Gago
6. M. Diarra
7. Ronaldo
8. Kaka
9. Benzema
10. Lass
11. Granero
12. Marcelo
13. Dudek (GK)
14. Alonso
15. Mateos
16. Canales
17. Arbeloa
18. Albiol
19. Garay
20. Higuain
21. Pedro Leon
22. Di Maria
23. ÖZIL
24. Khedira
25. Adan (GK)
There might be further changes to come though the squad is close to being completed. The maximum changes would be 1-2 players entering and leaving before kick off of the new season end of August.

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