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Squad Of Germany Football Team For World Cup 2014 Brazil

 Football Players Of Germany Play FIFA WORLD CUP 2014
Will this squad of germany also in World Cup 2014 Brazil
The Germans have been the dark horses in the FIFA World Cup 2010. Their coach showed the world how to utilize amazing fresh young legs in the field of football. The whole world saw how the amazing young German players defeated the world class teams and managed to make themselves the favourites for the FIFA World Cup 2010.
The current coach for the French side, Loew, is definitely going to be a part of the next world cup, as he managed to impress the Germans by winning most of the games and being the most entertaining team in the FIFA World Cup 2010. His team showed immense pace in the game and they became the favourites to win the FIFA World Cup, after scoring 4 goals in almost every game that they played.
The goalkeeper of the German team, Neuer, would be 28 years old and would be a part of the German squad, as the team would go to Brazil in 2014. He is going to be the number 1 for the German side and he has impressed many at this point of time. Butt would be retired in four years time but Rene Adler, would be present on the bench to serve his country as a substitute goalkeeper.
Most of the German squad is going to be the same after 4 years, as the side was very young when they came to South Africa. In defence, Phillip Lahm, has a definite position in the squad as he is the best player in that position for the Germans. Mats Hummels, the best defender of Bundesliga in the previous season, will definitely break his way into the starting 11 as a centre back. Boteng, by that time would be an amazing defender and he will take the second centre back position. As a left-back, Jansen is the perfect option, as he would only be 28 years old and would be good enough for the German squad.
In the midfield, if the Germans decide to play 5 midfielders along with 2 wingers then; Rolfes and Schweinsteiger are going to be the best defensive midfielders. There is no better choice for the German side to play as defensive midfield. They would be of perfect age after four years and will be ready to serve the team with amazing pace. Upfront, in the centre midfield would be the very young and impressive Oezil, who is going to be 25 years old and that means he would be experienced enough to be a part of the FIFA World Cup. The two wingers would definitely be Goetze and the 2010 Golden Boot Award winner Thomas Muller.
Klose, upfront, would be gone by the time the next world cup will start therefore; Podolski will replace him and take his position of being the centre forward and the “soul striker” of the team. Podolski, upfront, would be dangerous as his finishing ability is better than many, at this point of time. Other players that might attract the selection committee could be Toni Kroos, Marko Marin, Marco Reus and Florian Trinks. All these players will be amazing in 4 years time, as they will have the experience to be part of the World Cup Squad. The committee is going to go through a tough time while deciding the soul striker and the midfielders of the squad, as many have shined this year, they are young and there are many that are going to shine because the German league is producing great talent.
So, the starting line-up of the English squad would probably be:
Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Hummels, Jansen, Rolfes, Schweinsteiger, Meuller, Oezil, Goetze, Podolski.
Substitutes: Adler, Gomez, Khedira, Badstuber, Hoewedes, Kroos, Marin, Sukuta Pasu, Deniz Naki.

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