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And the Ugliest Footballer award goes to.....

Ronaldinho Has Awarded Very Ugliest Football Player
So, everyone had a week to vote and crown the Ugliest Serie A Footballer. It was a tight race, but it in the end there had to be one winner. Who is it? Is it the man who looks like a rat (Mascara), the rapist/kidnapper (Juric), the uni-browed goalkeeper (Rubinho)? It was very close, with only 1 voteseparating 1st and 2nd place. Find out who the gold, silver, and bronze medals go to after the jump.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 31 votes
The tall Swedish striker with an uncanny resemblance to a camel came in third place with 31 votes. Unfortunately Ibra is too arrogant to receive this award, so we’ll mail it to him.
Rodrigo Taddei – 44 votes
Roma’s Brazilian winger Rodrigo Taddei missed the top prize by 1 measly vote. Taddei just is an overally ugly person. Elongated face, gigantic chin, terrible smile. It all goes downhill from there. Some people tried to use the car accident excuse, but let’s face it, Taddei has been ugly since birth.
Ronaldinho – 45 votes
Ronaldinho wins the 2008 Ugly Serie A Footballer award by 1 vote. While God gave Ronaldinho all the skill and technique in the world, he unfortunately didn’t give him much in the looks department. Let’s face it, Ronaldinho bears a striking resemblance to a horse. With all that money you think he would go to the dentist. The big ears and terrible hairstyle just contribute more to his ugliness. And let’s not even comment on this picture:
So, there you have it. The 2008 Ugly Serie A Footballer Award goes to Ronaldinho. See you next year for the 2009 edition where Rodrigo Taddei will look to get revenge.

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