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Mario Balotelli cheats on Sophie Reade with her friend in the same Flat

Mario Balotelli cheats on Sophie Reade with her friend in the same Flat
In case you didn't know, Mario Balotelli is a notorious idiot. Or, in other words, he's your typical footballer. In the past he has broken into a women's prison with a friend, posed with an AC Milan strip while playing for Inter and been dumped by a girlfriend live on television. His latest brainless action? Cheating on girlfriend Sophie Readewith one of her best friends while she was waiting for him in the bedroom downstairs.

Yes, readers, Mario Balotelli is a massive bellend.

In an interview with the News Of The World, Big Brother winner and future Playboy model, Reade, reveals how she and a friend went back with Balotelli and his dodgy companions to his flat on New Year's Eve in the early hours of the morning. It was soon after when she realised that both her friend, Faye, and the bellend Balotelli, had mysteriously disappeared. And talking of bellends, Sophie's friend was upstairs playing with his. She explains:
"We were in his downstairs bedroom when I noticed Mario and Faye weren't there. I got suspicious because his friend seemed to be standing at the door as if to stop me coming out. I ran upstairs to the living room to look for Mario but he wasn't there.
Then I came down again to see Faye coming out of the other bedroom. She couldn't look me in the eye. She just said, 'Are you alright, babe?' I knew something had happened. I looked in the room's ensuite and Mario was washing his hands."
It was about then that Sophie started to smell that something fishy was going on...
"I confronted him but then one of his friends came up to me and said, 'I think it's about time you left.' I was literally shoved out of the flat with no shoes on and left barefoot in a little back sequined party dress in the freezing foyer. It was 4am and I had to call my Mum and ask her to pick me up. I was devestated."
That's the spirit, Mario! Fuck the friend then kick your 30GG Playboy model out onto the street. Only a fucking footballer, eh?
Although, we get the feeling there's an ulterior reason as to why Sophie was pissed off that Balotelli had done the dirty on her... namely this quote:
"He said he could see us being together for a long time. He even said he would buy me a Porsche for Christmas."
We reckon she'll still be getting lifts from her Mum in 2011...

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