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Messi and Neymar Are The Best Players Of Copa America 2011

Argentine Copa America 2011 official net writes red contrasts Messi and Neymar two works as two stars, and said that two person of a person has the possibility to become works as the match player of the year extremely. As Argentine and Brazilian this to South America old enemy account under leader, Messi and Neymar each has its strong points, although year only 19 year-old Neymar as soon as, regardless in the team result, in individual honor, is incapable temporarily with Messi struggles high under. But Brazil star player this summer is pursued holds the degree, can see its rallying point big how, Messi, who in the Mar will receive theCopa America 2011 player of the year great honor? “in Argentine star player Laiao - Messi and Brazilian talent Mar, who coronation Americas cup player of the year royal crown? Who in this session of Americas match many skilled people blooming? Certainly, their goal is leads the team to gain the victory unceasingly.”
The contrast still not went to battle with big game experience's Neymar at present on behalf of Brazil, participated in two session of World Cup Messi to experience obviously is richer. Looking from the club stratification plane, has Harvey, Iraqi nie Sita Messi this season which (micro abundant) assists with Villa to help Palestinian Sa to take the European crown big ear cup, makes a debut Neymar leads Santos to hold the South America Liberator's Cup seriously after several years, whose who weak can also examine through this matches.

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