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Ten Footballers who are punching above their weight

Bastian Schweinsteiger with her girlfriend
Bastian Schweinsteiger

In the real world, the uber-hot Sarah Brandtner wouldn’t even look once at the German winger. But in a world where footballers attract the sort of women who would normally be way out of their league, the pig farmer shoots and scores.
col0a copy.jpg
wayne roney girlfriend
Wayne Rooney

Coleen isn’t exactly smoking hot, but there’s no doubt that if Wazza worked as an electrician, he’d have to settle for less.
004fran copy.jpg
alberto aquilani gitlfriend
Alberto Aquilani

The wonky-faced Roma midfielder has used his status to get stuck into several exceedingly beautiful ladeeez, including former Miss Italia Francesca Chillemi (pictured) and actress Michela Quattrociocche.
danielle-lloyd-header copy.jpg
jamie o'hara  girlfriend
Jamie O’Hara

What does glamour model Danielle Lloyd sees in the crater-faced Spurs squad player? We have no clue either. Perhaps he’s hung like Dion Dublin.
frank ribery girlfriend
Franck Ribery

Well done Franck. You lead the way when it comes to showing that being a very rich footballer makes you at least 100% more attractive.
Dino durpic girlfriend
dino durpic

Dino Drpic
Nives Celsius is only with the Croatian so she can get easy access to the centre circle.

andrey arshavin girlfriend

Andrey Arshavin
Arshavin looks like a pale little frog. His wife Julia looks normal and lovely – a bit like Jennifer Aniston, you might say.
abigail-clancy-06200703 copy.jpg
peter crouch girlfriend
Peter Crouch
Crouchy looks like Lurch’s son, bless him. He was asked once what he’d have been if he wasn’t a professional footballer. “A virgin,” he replied. Ah, women love a good sense of humour, and Abigail Clancey is no different, clearly.
Fabian Assmann girlfriend

Fabian Assmann
The awesomely named goalkeeper, who has been linked with a summer move to Chelsea, is very fortunate (he looks like this) to share a bed with Melina Pitra, an Argentine model who is rather scorching. Fabian lives up to his surname then.
diego forlan girlfriend

Diego Forlan
The ex-Man Utd striker looks like an animated witch, but that hasn’t stopped him pulling women of the calibre of Argentina model Zaira Nara (pictured).

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