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Top 10 Greatest Boxers of All Time

Boxing is a very popular sports event long since. If you find cruelty in this event then you must have missed out the art of this game. Punching, defecting, hands speeding all are something related to art. I found ten heavyweight boxers who could dominate over the boxing ring their time.
If you find anything to have been included then please let me know putting your comment in the comment section.
Muhammad Ali
Ali is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He was born in LouisvilleKentucky in USA in 1942. His birth name was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. which was changed after his changing religion to Muslim. He was converted to the orthodox Sunni Islam in 1975. He is often told “Black Muslim.” In his career Ali won 56 out of 61 matches and is 37 wins were by Knock Out. He could defeat all of the heavyweight championof that time and dominate the heavyweight boxing world in his time. His first heavyweight title came in 1964 through his victory over Liston who is famous for his aggressiveness. He had also won the gold medal in 1960 Rome Olympic in light heavyweight before he showed his talent in the heavyweight. Ali’s fight with Frazier in 1971 is considered as ‘Fight of the Century” where Ali got his first professional lose in his career though he played vary well. In 1975, this two legends against fought to each other which is called as the Greatest Fight of All Time where Ali could take revenge of his defeat backed 4 years. After the match Ali said, "This must be what death feels like.” He has been ‘Fighter of the Year” by Ring magazine for highest number of time among the boxers. He took his retirement in 1981. He was honored as the “Sportsman of the Century” by Sports Illustrated in 1999.

Rocky Marciano
This great American heavyweight boxer was born in 1969. His greatness you can find if you consider his career record. He never defeat in his professional career. He won all of his 49 matches among which 43 were by Knock Out. He is the only boxer in the boxing history who could retire undefeated in the heavyweight division. The title of the Oscar winning movie “Rocky” was taken by his name. He started his professional career in 1947 and he was the heavyweight champion from 1952 to 1956. He has been listed at number 14 in the list of 100 Greatest Punchers of All Time by Ring magazine. Marcianoworked as guest referee in USA and Canada for several times after taking retirement from professional boxing.
Joe Frazier
Frazier is one of the greatest heavyweight champions in the history of boxing. He is famous for his fighting with Muhammad Ali for three times in which third one in 1975 is dubbed as the greatest fight of all time which is also known as ‘Thriller in Manila’. His career record is also very praiseworthy with the 32 win in 37 matches. His left eye is legally blind and he had to fight with his right eye in his career and his greatness lies here that he sis not express is eye problem until his retirement. He is currently the member of International Boxing hall Of Fame.

George Foreman
This former great heavyweight champion was born in 1949 in Texas,USA. ‘big George’ nicknamed this fighter could win a Gold medalin1986 Mexico Olympic Games in Heavyweight division. He started playing professional boxing in 1969 and in his debut year he could show his talent to the world winning all of his 13 matches including 11 by Knock Out. I the second year of this career he could win all of his 12 matches by Knock Out. By 1971, his win-lose record was 32-0 and he was ranked as the no. one player by the WBA and WBC. He got the prestigious win over Frazier by Knock out in the second round which made Foreman the world champion. He went for retirement in 1977 after being ill seriously. He is now a minister of a church.

Jack Dempsey
Jack is another greatest heavyweight champion of all time. He was born in 1895 in America. He is also one of the famous boxers of pre war period. He hold world champion from 1919 to 1926. This prominent boxer could win 62 matches amongst his 83 appearances in the professional boxing and he won 50 matches by Knock Out in which 26 were in the first round. So, it is clear enough that how much aggressive he was in the ring. His fight against George Carpentier is very famous as the first million dollar gate in the history.A Street of the Madison Square Garden is called by his name Jack Dempsey corner. He is a member of the International Boxing Hall OF Fame.

Joe Louis
This former heavyweight champions and one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of the boxing history was born in 1914 inAmerica. After being professional in 1934, he started showing his boxing skill to the world. In his first fight against a champion he knocked out former heavyweight champion Primo Carnera. He became the national hero before starting the World War II. He own 69 out of 72 matches in his career in which he defeated his opponents by Knock Out for 55 times. In his retired life he also acted in some movies. Louis was awarded the Congressional Gold medal for honor in 1982. His two quotes are very famous in boxing which are "He can run, but he can't hide" and "Everyone has a plan until they've been hit."

Evandeer Holyfield
Evan is a famous name of the present boxing world and also considered to be in the list of greatest champions’ of heavyweight. He was born in 1962 in USA. In his early years of his professional career as a boxer he got success in Cruiserweight division. He won the bronze medal of 1982 summer Olympic held in Los Angeles. In 1990 he became the world heavyweight champion. In his career his fight against Tyson and Lweis are very famous. He won 39 out of his 49 matches and among those 39 victories, 26 were by Knock Out. Holyfield is the four time world champion.
George Chuvalo
Chuvalo was born in 1937 in Canada. This heavyweight boxer had a 21-year long career and in his career he fought against many of the best heavyweight boxers. In his career he never loses any match by Knock Out. His two fights against Muhammad Ali was vary famous. Though he lost both the two but he could show his stamina and defense skill. After winning the first match in 1966 Ali said that "He [Chuvalo] was the toughest man I ever fought. He took all my best shots." In his career he won 73 matches amongst which 64 were by Knock Out. He was inducted in the Canadian Sports Hall Of Fame in 1990.

Mike Tyson
Mike is former heavyweight champion. He was born in America in 1966. He is considered as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. In his career he won 50 out of his 58 matches and he knocked out 44 opponents. His hand speed and accuracy made his opponents fear and he had a very good physical strength. However, this boxer made many controversies in his personal and also in the ring. He had to go to the prison and the worst scandal was in 1997 in a match against Holyfield. In this highly focused match he bit in the right ear of Holyfield during the second round.

Lennox Lewis
Lewis is the former heavyweight champion. He is the third boxer in the heavyweight history who won heavyweight championship in three different occasions. Lewis was born in UK. He won gold medal in 1988South Korea Olympic games. Lewis is famous for his fight against Tyson. In his career he won 41 out of 44 matches and 32 by knock Out. He declared his retirement in 2004.

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